Sa Bom Nim - Master Instructor Robert Valentine, Oh Dan
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I was born in Anchorage, AK on March 8, 1961. That puts me in the fifty year old bracket but I am still kicking and punching. I have five children, Jason, Katie, Olivia, Cheyenne and Sheridan. All of my children have participated in martial arts. Jason achieved his 3rd Gup Red Belt in this system and has served in the U.S. Army Infantry and toured in Iraq. Katie stays busy with her career and does not choose to take martial arts any further. Olivia (Cobra) is a 1st Dan Black Belt and is pursuing a career in law enforcement in Colorado. Cheyenne and Sheridan both participated for a spell with Cheyenne achieving Gold Belt and Sheridan making it to Purple Belt but are not active as of today. My wife, Marilyn, takes martial arts with me and has earned her 4th Gup Green Belt. She also serves as Office Manager for the studio and keeps me straight, lol.

I have nearly forty five years invested in martial arts training and have been exposed to several styles of training. I will not even ponder on which art is better due to the fact that ALL martial art forms are good when taught with the proper purpose. One should never say that one art is better than the other. Martial art is a personal thing. Each person has to take and give what they need and have to the martial art system that they wish to practice and learn. 

For me, I have trained in Savate, which is European foot fighting, when I was in Europe for about two years or so. Returning to the United States, I then had a go at Kung Fu and after two years found that this art was not me due to some religious conflicts. I then tried my hand at Tae Kwon Do. This art is very similar to Tang Soo Do, but I had some difficulties with some of the practices that the instructor wanted me to follow.

I then stumbled upon, by accident, this old little do jang off of Highland Avenue. The instructor was Mr. Skeet Chambers. One of his students was Mr. Ken Ludlow. Shortly after I started my training there, Mr. Ludlow, 4th Dan, became my instructor. I achieved my Cho Dan from Mr. Ludlow on January 26, 1991.  Mr. Ludlow and I have been together ever since, until his retirement in 1999. I then took a break of two years due to some family issues and later started my own do jang attempting to follow my instructor’s footsteps in the teachings of Tang Soo Do.

My current Sa Bom Nim is Mr. David Wilson, 6th Dan, Tang Soo Do. He is a student under Grandmaster CS Kim, 8th Dan, Tang Soo Do. I earned my 5th Dan in early 2015 under Sa Bom Nim Wilson. I have my own do jang in Augusta, GA off of Tobacco Road and teach and/or train there daily.

Email Robbie at Rvalentine@STSDKarate.Com

Kyo Sa Nim - Instructor - - - - - - - - Mat Coordinator - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bobby Bozeman, Ee Dan
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I was born in Martinsville, Virginia but have lived there for the least amount of my life.  With my father being military, we moved a lot when I was a kid.  I have lived in Germany twice, and also in various states such as Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  I moved to the Grovetown, GA area in 1987 where we settled down as my dad retired from the Army.

As a kid with three other brothers, I was always wrestling and play fighting with one of them.   As a family we enjoyed watching old kung fu movies and especially ninja movies.  I would have to say this was where my first interest in martial arts came from.  However, moving a lot and with four kids it was hard at times and taking formal classes was not something I ever asked to do. 

After getting married we moved to South Augusta and have three daughters.  After some issues at school I asked my oldest daughter if she would like to take karate and found this little school on Tobacco Rd.  Watching her in class and wanting to be able to help her re-sparked that childhood desire and after discussing it with her I began taking classes as well.  I could not have asked for a better school.  It was immediately like we were part of a family.  Starting out in my 30’s I set my goal to continue until I got to green belt.  That would give me a good base and that’s when the jumping and spinning techniques really start.  However, at blue belt I began to help out with some of the lower classes.  This along with the encouragement from the instructors and other students gave me the desire to continue on my martial arts journey.  I received my Cho Dan (first degree black belt) in May of 2014 and my EE Dan (second degree) in December of 2015.  I am now considered an instructor and enjoy trying to help others on their path in martial arts.  I learn as much as I teach and the spark continues to grow.  My wife and all three of my daughters are now students at the school.  It is our second home. 

Martial Arts is a life long journey once you get started.  If you are open minded and open hearted, you can learn more about yourself and life than you would ever expect.  It can be adapted to meet the needs of any individual and any situation.  The amount of joy and satisfaction that I receive from helping students at this school is impossible to explain.  The family atmosphere and genuine care we all have for one another makes it a great place to work and train.  

Kyo Sa Nim - Instructor - - - - - - - - Jachua Polcyn, Ee Dan
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I was born in Augusta, Georgia on January 29th 1998 putting me at 16 years old at the time of writing this. I received my Cho Dan Black Belt on May 11th, 2013.  I have about 6 years invested into Tang Soo Do (even though one of them was spent off the mat).  My martial artist career all began on the 25th of August in 2008.  Of course, being about 10 years old at the time, I had been begging my parents to put me into a martial arts school for some time. But with each request, denial was given due to my age and maturity. At some point, I stumbled onto a flyer for the studio, and through some miracle, got permission to go and take a class to see if I liked it. I haven’t looked back since.

I currently attend A.R Johnson Health Science and Engineering Magnet school. Though I have put thought into my future career plans, I’ve not yet decided on which to follow and which to let go. I want to make sure that whichever path I choose, it makes me happy, because on my list of priorities that is possibly the highest ranked. I am currently an Assistant Instructor at the studio, for those of you who may not be sure what exactly I do.

I’m grateful for martial arts for affecting my outlook on life. When I started I was a fairly pessimistic kid. Thinking martial arts was nothing more than fighting. Of course, as I progressed in martial arts, I found my views changing. I gained confidence, and after some time I became an optimistic person, who prefers to make a bright side, instead of just searching for one. Martial art is much deeper than just techniques, just like a Black Belt is much deeper than just a belt. It’s a mindset, a feeling, and it is the lifestyle that I have chosen to accept and do my best to live up to. 

Office Manager - - - - - - - - - - Marilyn Valentine, 4th Gup
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I was born in Oakville Ontario, Canada.  I moved to Augusta in 2007, with my 2 daughters, Cheyenne and Sheridan, to marry me a southern man. That southern man is none-other than Sa Bom Nim Robert Valentine.  We have five children together.  Jason, Katie and Olivia are all grown and busy living their lives.  Cheyenne has graduated high school and is looking to someday pursue a degree in music theropy.  Sheridan is a Junior in high school, who likes to write books and dabble in computer animation.  We are grandparents of 4 year old Lilly.

I am a student of Tang Soo Do and have earned my 4th gup green belt.  Over the last 7 years, I have been on and off the mat to take care of business and my family.  Just for the record, when I am on the mat, I am a student not Sa bom Nim’s wife.  Although when the class spars  or practice techniques on each other, Sa bom Nim reminds my partners, from time to time, to demonstrate control because he has to go home with me. I guess there are some perks to being the instructor’s wife.  I still have the desire to reach my goal of Cho Dan (first degree black belt).  I still train whenever I get the chance.

I presently hold the title of Office Manager. In truth, I do anything that needs to be done from sewing patches on uniforms, maintaining the grounds to mentoring in addition to my regular office duties.  What I find to be most satisfying is when I see the positive changes in our students.  Watching the painfully shy develop confidence and the sassy learn some control, are some of the many satisfying moments I have had, in the 9 years that I have been involved with this school.  

Front Desk - - - - - - - - - - - - - Deanne Wells
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I am a bookkeeper and tax preparer as well as the mother of four boys.

I became aware of this school in April of 2008. I was looking for a school for my youngest son. After taking the free class that was offered, we knew this was the right place for us. Two years later my third child started taking classes.

In November of 2011 I started working the front counter. As both a staff member and a parent I feel our school offers exceptional value to all our students.

Event Coordinator - - - - - - - - Yvonne Kling, 7th Gup
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Yvonne Kling

I am a mother of three, all of whom take classes at Southern Tang Soo Do.  My daughter earned her Cho Dan in May 2014 from this school.  My two oldest children started taking classes in 2008.  My youngest and I started in 2011 and I joined the staff in February 2012. I publish the newsletter, and plan events for STSD families. 

I feel this school has excellent instructors, very structured classes and offers valuable life lessons that can be applied on and off the mat.  This school offers a family oriented atmosphere and encourages strong moral and character development in all classes.  The material covered in each class is both challenging and rewarding. 

When I am not at the studio I am on my farm, spending time with my family, where we grow blueberries, and raise different breeds of animals.  I am passionate about agriculture and encourage everyone to at least grow a tomato!  My husband works hard, but when he is able, he too enjoys spending time on the mat at STSD. 

Security Services - - - - - - - - Robert W. Bennett, Sr.
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I am a retired law enforcement member.  I am 78 years of age and am honored to serve the needs of such a fine school for our community.  My age should not elude you in thinking that I am old.  I am in fine working order.

I am the father of five children.  My youngest took martial arts for several years at this studio.  I am proud of her achievement of 4th Gup Green Belt.  All my children are living out their adult lives in various locations in the country.

I am a veteran of the armed forces serving in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years going into law enforcement afterwards.  I have retired from law enforcement and security positions to include; retired Major of the Florida Highway Patrol serving the great state of Florida for many years, retired as the Head of Security at Aiken Technical College as well as retiring from Sweetheart Cup Company as Head of Security at that facility.

I have 13 years, as of this writing, serving this studio.  My position has allowed me to visit and review many studios in this area and I certainly feel that this school and its families offer a great positive environment for all ages to grow and participate in life.

Kyo Sa Nim - Instructor - - - - - - - - Jamee Kling, Ee Dan
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My name is Jamee Kling.  I was born in Augusta, Georgia on December 5, 1995.  I grew up in Jackson, South Carolina with my two younger brothers on our family farm. My parent’s home schooled me for 10yrs.  My dad, who studied martial arts, taught me some basic techniques which sparked my interest in martial arts.  After my parents looked into many other schools, we decided on Southern Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Studio on Tobacco Road at the recommendation of our neighbor who was a student there.  We were impressed with the family atmosphere, the discipline of the students on the mat and Mr. Valentine’s innovative instructing style.  I started training at the STSD Martial Arts Studio in September 2008 and earned my Cho Dan on May 17, 2014.  The knowledgeable instructors and upper belts helped me not only advance in Tang Soo Do, but gain self-confidence and develop leadership skills.  I am now an Ee Dan and will continue studying the art of Tang Soo Do.  The STSD Studio is family to me and I really enjoy helping other students learn and train in this style of martial arts.

I recognize my martial arts achievements would not have been possible without my strong Christian faith, the support of my family and the dedicated instruction of Sa Bom Nim Valentine.  

Cho Kyo Nim - Asst. Instructor Richard Maynard, Cho Dan
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My name is Richard Maynard. I have been in the martial arts for thirty-seven years.

My training began in September of 1979 with traditional Tae Kwon Do. I joined the Army in 1988 serving twenty-three years. During the military I was able to train with other martial artist in various systems.

I have had formal training in

Koto-Su Ha Shito-ryu under Joseph R. Ruiz

Tae kwon do under Roy Magness

Uechi-ryu under Bill Harris

Kajukenbo under Walter Andrae

Tang Soo Do under Robert Valentine