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Jamee Kling - Ee Dan

Category:Black Belt Members
Cho Dan:
  • May 17, 2014
  • #2014-0214

My name is Jamee Kling.  I was born in Augusta, Georgia on December 5, 1995.  I grew up in Jackson, South Carolina with my two younger brothers on our family farm. My parent’s home schooled me for 10yrs.  My dad, who studied martial arts, taught me some basic techniques which sparked my interest in martial arts.  After my parents looked into many other schools, we decided on Southern Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Studio on Tobacco Road at the recommendation of our neighbor who was a student there.  We were impressed with the family atmosphere, the discipline of the students on the mat and Mr. Valentine’s innovative instructing style.  I started training at the STSD Martial Arts Studio in September 2008 and earned my Cho Dan on May 17, 2014.  The knowledgeable instructors and upper belts helped me not only advance in Tang Soo Do, but gain self-confidence and develop leadership skills.  I am now an Ee Dan and will continue studying the art of Tang Soo Do.  The STSD Studio is family to me and I really enjoy helping other students learn and train in this style of martial arts.

I recognize my martial arts achievements would not have been possible without my strong Christian faith, the support of my family and the dedicated instruction of Sa Bom Nim Valentine.