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Kyo Sa Nim - Instructor - - - - - - - - Mat Coordinator - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bobby Bozeman, Ee Dan

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I was born in Martinsville, Virginia but have lived there for the least amount of my life.  With my father being military, we moved a lot when I was a kid.  I have lived in Germany twice, and also in various states such as Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  I moved to the Grovetown, GA area in 1987 where we settled down as my dad retired from the Army.

As a kid with three other brothers, I was always wrestling and play fighting with one of them.   As a family we enjoyed watching old kung fu movies and especially ninja movies.  I would have to say this was where my first interest in martial arts came from.  However, moving a lot and with four kids it was hard at times and taking formal classes was not something I ever asked to do. 

After getting married we moved to South Augusta and have three daughters.  After some issues at school I asked my oldest daughter if she would like to take karate and found this little school on Tobacco Rd.  Watching her in class and wanting to be able to help her re-sparked that childhood desire and after discussing it with her I began taking classes as well.  I could not have asked for a better school.  It was immediately like we were part of a family.  Starting out in my 30’s I set my goal to continue until I got to green belt.  That would give me a good base and that’s when the jumping and spinning techniques really start.  However, at blue belt I began to help out with some of the lower classes.  This along with the encouragement from the instructors and other students gave me the desire to continue on my martial arts journey.  I received my Cho Dan (first degree black belt) in May of 2014 and my EE Dan (second degree) in December of 2015.  I am now considered an instructor and enjoy trying to help others on their path in martial arts.  I learn as much as I teach and the spark continues to grow.  My wife and all three of my daughters are now students at the school.  It is our second home. 

Martial Arts is a life long journey once you get started.  If you are open minded and open hearted, you can learn more about yourself and life than you would ever expect.  It can be adapted to meet the needs of any individual and any situation.  The amount of joy and satisfaction that I receive from helping students at this school is impossible to explain.  The family atmosphere and genuine care we all have for one another makes it a great place to work and train.