Small classes led by experienced black belt instructors, with emphasis on Christian family values, make us your best choice for self-defense and martial arts training. Karate classes and black belt training are only part of our health & fitness program. To be a black belt means more than just winning karate tournaments and having strong self-defense skills.

Earning a black belt means leading a healthy lifestyle and understanding such concepts as loyalty, honor and dicipline. Student academic achievement is also strongly encouraged and rewarded by our staff.

We train primarily in the Korean style of Tang Soo Do, but our black belt instructors are skilled in numerous fighting systems, and we encourage the practice of all Martial Arts styles.

We invite everyone that visits our site to check out our black belt instructors page, read about the history of Southern Tang Soo Do on 'The Art' page.

We would like to have you stop by our school here in South Augusta at:

2007 Tobacco Road
Augusta, Georgia 30906

Or better yet, give us a call at (706) 793-6603 to schedule an appointment and we will give you a tour of the facilities, and perhaps even invite you to a free introductory class to see how you like our instructors and the atmosphere.

Either way, enjoy our web site and come back often for the updates. And thanks for stopping by.


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Individual Classes

We are now offering one-on-one special individual classes, as well as "Personal Trainer" contracts. Call us at 706.830.6982 for details.

Are you a black belt looking for a new home?

We are growing by leaps and bounds and we would like to have you come grow with us! We are looking for qualified Black Belts to help us add programs and additional classes. If you are looking for a Martial Arts family, and a great challenge, email us.